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WRZHost builds complex hosting solutions such as server clustering, load balancing, high availability, and database replication to enable long term scalability. All WRZHost servers are fully managed by our team of experts who are on hand should you have any questions or problems.

Our services cannot be used for activities such as Spamming/Phishing/Hacking/Botnets. Doing so will cause service suspension and forfeit any remaining payment credits as damages.

Minimum contract on Virtual Servers: 1 month.

Custom Virtual Servers are available. Please contact us for more information.

Russia Windows Virtual Servers
Virtual CPU's Disk Bandwidth RAM Port* Price Order
1 20 GB Unlimited* 512 MB 100Mbit $15/mo order now
2 20 GB Unlimited* 1 GB 100Mbit $30/mo order now
2 100 GB Unlimited* 2 GB 100Mbit $50/mo order now
3 20 GB Unlimited* 3 GB 100Mbit $65/mo order now
3 100 GB Unlimited* 4 GB 100Mbit $80/mo order now
4 100 GB Unlimited* 6 GB 100Mbit $120/mo order now
4 200 GB Unlimited* 8 GB 100Mbit $160/mo order now

Default Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition

*Please view "Bandwidth Availibility" Section below. You will be able to choose one of two plans while ordering.

Bandwidth Availability
Unlimited on 10 Mbit Line Included
2 TB (2000 GB) on 100Mbit line Included
100 Mbit Unmetered 150$/month